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The Greens

Andrew Hook

Size: 198 x 129 mm96 PagesISBN: 9781911390190
Publication: September 23, 2016Series: Snowbooks Horror Novellas

Trade paperback

  • £4.99

Two green-skinned children are discovered who claim to have come from within the earth. The local legend states that the boy died, and the girl married but had no children. Is the legend true?

OCD sufferers often perpetuate their rituals believing that if they fail to do so their families will suffer. But what if they are correct – that their rituals are necessary to maintain life’s balance? And what if it was discovered that many OCD sufferers are descendants of the green children...

The Greens is a modern fantasy/horror novella which merges the 12th Century Suffolk legend of the green children and sufferers of obsessive compulsive disorder.

Andrew Hook is a UK writer with over 130 short story sales to his credit. He has had four collections published (the fifth forthcoming from Eibonvale Press in 2016), two novellas, and three novels (most recently, "Church of Wire", from Telos).


Format: Trade paperback

Size: 198 x 129 mm

96 Pages

ISBN: 9781911390190

Publication: September 23, 2016

Series: Snowbooks Horror Novellas

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