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Fellowship of Ink

Fellowship of Ink

Paul Magrs

Size: 198 x 129 x 17 mm / 7.81 x 5.06 x 0.67 in322 PagesISBN: 9781909679702
Publication: June 1, 2017

Trade paperback

  • £7.99

Brenda is back!

It's the 1930s, and Brenda (of Brenda and Effie fame!) finds herself in the old, medieval university town of Darkholmes in the North of England. She's a housemaid, and teams up with fictionalised versions of CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien, who are conjuring up monsters from other dimensions through their writings.

Together, they battle demons and solve strange mysteries.

Paul Magrs lives and writes in Manchester. He has published a number of novels in a variety of genres over the years, including books about Iris Wildthyme and the six volume ‘Brenda and Effie’ series of mysteries, which is about the Bride of Frankenstein running a B&B in Whitby. He has also written fiction for young adults, including ‘Strange Boy’ and ‘Exchange.’ Over the years he has contributed many times to the Doctor Who books and audio series. He has taught Creative Writing at both the University of East Anglia and Manchester Metropolitan University, and now writes full time. 
His blog is at:  and he can be found on Twitter and Facebook.


Format: Trade paperback

Size: 198 x 129 x 17 mm / 7.81 x 5.06 x 0.67 in

322 Pages

ISBN: 9781909679702

Publication: June 1, 2017

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