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The Narrows

James Brogden

Size: ↑ 129 mm320 PagesISBN: 9781907777592
Publication: January 9, 2012

Trade paperback

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There are places where the skin of the world is thin. Here, miracles walk the streets, and nightmares haunt the alleyways.

Welcome to the Narrows.

Bex belongs to a hidden society of misfits, homeless, and runaways who live in the Narrows - the hidden paths that lie behind even the darkest of alleyways. For years they have lived invisibly alongside ordinary city-dwellers, with their own allegiances, their own dreams and deaths, loves and wars.

Except that the Narrows are closing, and nobody knows why, and the things that hunt them have begun to chase them onto the daylight streets.

Andy Sumner lives a perfectly conventional life, but a chance encounter with a wounded and pursued Bex leads him into a world where the very laws of space and time are malleable. But how much of his life is truly governed by chance? Why does he seem to be able to control the Narrows? And what secrets were inscribed in the energy meridians of his own flesh by the dark figure that now hunts them both?

The search for answers will take Andy and Bex far beyond the spheres of reality that either of them have known, and to a confrontation with evil upon which hangs the fate of an infinity of possible worlds.

After winning a Big Issue short story competition for a 'Modern Midlands Fable', James started work on his debut novel, The Narrows. Tourmaline is his second novel. He works as an English and Media Studies teacher in Worcestershire trying to disprove the idea that 'those who can't, teach'.


Format: Trade paperback

Size: ↑ 129 mm

320 Pages

ISBN: 9781907777592

Publication: January 9, 2012

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