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Write to be Published

Write to be Published

Nicola Morgan

Size: ↑ 129 mm320 PagesISBN: 9781906727949
Publication: June 1, 2011

Trade paperback

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You want to make a publisher say yes? First, understand why they say no; then apply that knowledge to your book. Nicola Morgan - the Crabbit Old Bat of the renowned blog, Help! I Need a Publisher! - has made publishers say yes around ninety times. Now she reveals the workings of publishers' minds and whips your work into shape with humour, honesty, grumpiness and chocolate. 'A punchy and practical guide - fluent and informative.' Mark Le Fanu, General Secretary, Society of Authors. 'The tutor I wish I'd had when I was starting out. Nicola Morgan is made of crabbit - but she is also made of awesome.'Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat.

Nicola Morgan is a prolific, multi-award-winning author of around 90 books. She runs the hugely popular and respected blog, Help! I Need a Publisher! where her trenchant advice makes her the first Google result for the phrase 'Crabbit Old Bat'. Best known for award-winning gritty YA novels, such as Fleshmarket and Wasted, and her internationally-renowned book on the teenage brain, Blame My Brain, Nicola is also the author of best-selling early learning books. Nicola is a former Chair of the Society of Authors in Scotland, an Ambassador for Dyslexia Scotland and is an inspiring and energetic speaker on many topics, including literacy, the brain, all aspects of writing and publishing, including social media and marketing for authors, as well as her own books. She has also published some ebooks: Dear Agent - Write the Letter That Sells Your Book; Write a Great Synopsis; and Tweet Right - The Sensible Person's Guide to Twitter.


“Write to be Published aims to show you why publishers and agents say No. Before I was published, I’d had vast experience of this small but infuriating word: I don’t want you to take as long as I did and WTBP is my solution. My aim is to unlock the mysteries, to share with you what I wish I’d known so much earlier. And to say I’m thrilled with the reception this book has had is an understatement!” Nicola Morgan

Best-selling author, Joanne Harris: “…the tutor I wish I’d had. Nicola Morgan is made of crabbit – but she is also made of awesome.”

Editor of The New Writer, Merric Davidson: “At last! The book of the blog - and very probably the book of the century (so far) for all aspiring writer [...] the one book you should have by your side as you’re plotting and planning your career as a published writer. It is, without doubt, one of the most generous how to books you will come across and it’s written in a most approachable, informative style by the self-styled Crabbit Old Bat. [...] Invaluable advice, delivered with honesty and no little humour.”

MA Creative Writing course leader, David Belbin: “Accessible, intelligent and up to date. [...] Should be on the reading list of every creative writing course in the country.”

Karen Ball, author, after a Foyle’s event: “Nicola's presentation was faultless. The staff at Foyles were clearly in love with their visiting author [...] I've never seen a flurry of publication pleasure so nicely ordered! It’s a must-have book for aspiring writers [and] authors who already know their trade.”

Popular blogger, Bookwitch: “She writes the way I want to. She writes great children’s novels, but it’s Nicola’s non-fiction – and her shoes – that I’m willing to kill for. [...] There is not a thing missing.”

Author and publisher, Scott Pack: “I receive a lot of emails from authors asking for guidance on how to take the next steps to publication. In future I will just point them in the direction of this book.”

Format: Trade paperback

Size: ↑ 129 mm

320 Pages

ISBN: 9781906727949

Publication: June 1, 2011

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