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Wayne Simmons

FLU is a high-tempo horror story, set in post-apocalyptic Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Size: ↑ 129 mm320 PagesISBN: 9781906727192
Publication: April 1, 2010

Trade paperback

  • £7.99

There's a nasty flu going round. An epidemic, they call it. The posters say to cover your mouth when you sneeze, and throw away the tissue. But such simple measures won't stop this flu. Because when you catch the flu, armed police come and lock you in your house to die alone. When you catch this flu, it kills you in days. And when you catch this flu, two hours after it's killed you, your eyelids snap open again... FLU is a pacey, terrifying, frighteningly real zombie horror story.

Belfast-born Wayne Simmons has loitered with intent around the horror genre for some years, scribbling reviews and interviews for various zines. He is prominent in the genre scene and can be found online at and in the real world at tattoo exhibitions, book signings and horror conferences.


"One of the best new horror writers of the decade. Wayne Simmons takes everything you fear and exploits it with no apologies." ~James Melzer, author of The Zombie Chronicles trilogy

Format: Trade paperback

Size: ↑ 129 mm

320 Pages

ISBN: 9781906727192

Publication: April 1, 2010

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