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The J-Word

The J-Word

Andrew Sanger

"A beautiful, thoughtful portrait of the anxieties and paradoxes of modern Jewish life." Linda Grant

Size: ↑ 129 mm252 PagesISBN: 9781905005956
Publication: January 5, 2009

Trade paperback

  • £7.99

"Did I say I was Jewish? I should be Jewish all of a sudden?" Argumentative, Yiddish-speaking, 80-year-old Jack Silver has reluctantly returned to Golders Green to care for his 10-year-old grandson, Danny. Unpredictable and outspoken but warm-hearted, Jack is resolutely secular and repudiates everything Jewish. His profoundly troubled son, now a successful middle-aged journalist, has followed in his footsteps, while the brilliant young Danny has been kept in ignorance of his heritage. When Jack is beaten up by an antisemitic gang, it changes everything. He and Danny secretly set out to outwit and track down the thugs and bring them to justice. The hunt takes Jack into memories of his own childhood and the two unlikely heroes discover a shared identity spanning generations that eventually draws the whole family together.

Andrew Sanger is an award-winning freelance journalist and travel writer who has lived and worked in several countries, including Greece, India, the USA and the Languedoc region of southern France. He has contributed to a wide spectrum of print and online publications, including most UK national newspapers. In addition, Andrew has written some thirty travel guides, especially on France, Ireland, Belgium, the Canary Islands and Israel, with his most recent titles published in 2011. Andrew Sanger now lives in NW London.


Format: Trade paperback

Size: ↑ 129 mm

252 Pages

ISBN: 9781905005956

Publication: January 5, 2009

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