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The London Scene

The London Scene

Virginia Woolf

Size: ↑ 12 mm72 PagesISBN: 9780954575922
Publication: September 1, 2004

Trade paperback

  • £14.99

The London Scene is a beautifully illustrated, gift-book-sized hardback that marks the launch of the Signature Collection, a series of neglected or forgotten works by major authors. Next in line are pieces by EM Forster, Edgar Allan Poe and Jerome K Jerome, which are to be published in the spring. --Observer

Virginia Woolf is one of the great authors of the twentieth century. A member of the Bloomsbury set, her most famous novels include A Room of One's Own and Mrs Dalloway .


...they're observational vignettes, snapshots of London life which manage to be both dated (in their snobbery) and strangely modern (in their meandering, histrionic resemblance to the psychogeographical ruminations of Iain Sinclair: The Tower of London, for example, is 'the knot, the clue, the hub of all those scattered miles of skeleton desolation'.) -- Time Out

Format: Trade paperback

Size: ↑ 12 mm

72 Pages

ISBN: 9780954575922

Publication: September 1, 2004

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