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City of the Sun

City of the Sun

Sarah Bryant

'Set in such a frighteningly realistic future, this riveting adventure proves irresistable from beginning to end.' -- Booktrust

Size: ↑ 110 mm416 PagesISBN: 9781905005147
Publication: May 19, 2005

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Nuclear war pounds Russia. Cities are levelled. Radiation poisons the soil and drives the survivors into the ruined cities. Then a new Russian empire rises from the ashes, stronger and more terrible than its predecessors. The dictator Solntse controls everything, segregating his people, reinventing their history, even meddling with their bloodlines. His merciless Opyekuni are his right hand; they see everything and eliminate even the faintest trace of resistance. And then Sifte is found. A brilliant young girl, the daughter of traitors, has become the most gifted student at the elite Institut 1. Snatched from her mother as a baby, her past erased, her thoughts probed, Sifte is being trained by the best and she has the potential to become Solntse’s greatest weapon against the resistance. But little does she realise, she is the resistance…

Sarah Bryant was born and raised in Maine and Massachusetts, before attending Brown University to study English and American literature. After that she moved to the UK to do a masters in writing, where she met and married her Scottish husband. After fifteen years in southern Scotland, Sarah and family have moved to the wilds of Washington state, USA, to the horse farm she's always dreamed of.


'Its genius defies classification - too deep to be a thriller, too real to be sci-fi, too exciting to be satire and altogether too much fun to be literature. The result is extraordinary - an intricate, intelligent, swift-paced and satisfying masterpiece.' Robert Finn

Format: Trade paperback

Size: ↑ 110 mm

416 Pages

ISBN: 9781905005147

Publication: May 19, 2005

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