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Brenda and Effie Forever!

Brenda and Effie Forever!

Paul Magrs

Size: ↑ 198 mm432 PagesISBN: 9781907777912
Publication: September 30, 2012


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'Brenda and Effie Forever!' is an outrageous Gothic adventure involving ancient vampires, miniature mermaids, the Phantom of the Opera and his hunchbacked boyfriend, a fiendish ghost who drives a limousine, Mr and Mrs Claus and all three Bronte sisters discovered alive and well in a secret base under the parsonage at Haworth with a sentient, stuffed Art Critic called Panda. Brenda and Effie are living it up on the continent. Holidaying in Paris, they are menaced by a mysterious Peeping Tom with a limp and a hump, who warns them that they must never return home to Whitby again. Untold disaster will take over the world if they go anywhere near the North Yorkshire coast... But Brenda and Effie know that they simply have to return to Whitby, even if it means the end of everything they hold dear. Brenda owns a Guest House by the sea and her best friend Effie runs the junk shop next door. But together they have another role as the guardians of Whitby against the vampires, daemons and creatures of the night that continually plague the quaint but terrifying town. Together Brenda and Effie must face the most startling dangers ever as they are engulfed by hideous secrets from their long-hidden pasts. Can our heroines survive all these fiendish shenanigans and live to fight the powers of darkness another day?

Paul Magrs lives and writes in Manchester. He has published a number of novels in a variety of genres over the years, including books about Iris Wildthyme and the six volume ‘Brenda and Effie’ series of mysteries, which is about the Bride of Frankenstein running a B&B in Whitby. He has also written fiction for young adults, including ‘Strange Boy’ and ‘Exchange.’ Over the years he has contributed many times to the Doctor Who books and audio series. He has taught Creative Writing at both the University of East Anglia and Manchester Metropolitan University, and now writes full time. 
His blog is at:  and he can be found on Twitter and Facebook.


"Written so cleverly, wittily and eloquently, with characters who you would like to be your friends in real life, I became addicted!" Lauren Hayes, reader.

"Laughter and fear have long been a winning combination but Magrs' delicious blend of spookiness, camp, subversion and rollicking storytelling is not quite like anything else in the bookshops at the moment. If I had to draw comparisons, I'd liken it to what might result if Armistead Maupin mischievously rewrote the works of Anne Rice." Patrick Gale (Author of 'Notes From an Exhibition.')

'If you haven't read any of Paul Magrs' unique and very funny novels, shame on you. You don't know what you're missing.' Carole Matthews, (Author of 'Summer Daydreams' and 'Wrapped up in You'.)

Format: Hardback

Size: ↑ 198 mm

432 Pages

ISBN: 9781907777912

Publication: September 30, 2012

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