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Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon

Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon

Mark Hodder

640 PagesISBN: 9781907777776
Publication: September 30, 2012Series: Burton & Swinburne


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It is 1870, and Albertian Britain is in the grip of conflicting forces. Engineers transform the landscape with bigger, faster, noisier and dirtier technological wonders; Eugenicists develop specialist animals to provide unpaid labour; Libertines oppose restrictive and unjust laws and flood the country with propaganda demanding a society based on beauty and creativity; while The Rakes push the boundaries of human behaviour to the limits with magic, sexuality, drugs and anarchy. Accompanied by the diminutive and pain-loving poet, Algernon Swinburne, Burton's latest mission in his role as King's Spy finds them dispatched to that most exotic and perilous of destinations: Africa.

Mark Hodder is a full-time novelist who lives in Spain. He has worked as an illustrator, a radio scriptwriter, a BBC web producer and journalist and a few other things before finally deciding to be a novelist.


Format: Ebook

640 Pages

ISBN: 9781907777776

Publication: September 30, 2012

Series: Burton & Swinburne

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