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News — Robert Spalding

World Oceans Day 2015

Posted by Jonathan Green on

Today is World Oceans Day. And do you know what lives in the ocean? That's right - sharks!

Some of the stories in SHARKPUNK have a particularly oceanic feel, including Sharkbait by Richard Salter, and Rise of the Übershark by Robert Spalding.

So why not mark World Oceans Day by picking up a copy of SHARKPUNK today?

And now for a video of a woman called Ocean swimming with a Great White. Yes, really.

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The Sharkpunk Interview - Robert Spalding

Posted by Jonathan Green on

Rob Spalding is a short fiction writer with an eye for the pulp homage. In fact, his story is the one in SHARKPUNK that probably celebrates the original Sharkpunk movie JAWS most directly. Here's what he had to say about the experience of writing the piece...

Sharkpunk: What, do you think, is the reason for people's enduring fascination with sharks?

Robert Spalding:I think it's the silence of them...

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