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By Sharkpunk on 2015-04-29

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Delighted that contributor's copies of the anthology @[468668233207823:274:Sharkpunk] have arrived, featuring my story 'Sharkadelic', as well as stories by @[586784047:2048:Kim Lakin-Smith], @[697151572:2048:Jonathan Oliver], @[100002439472729:2048:Den Patrick], @[100000854190459:2048:David Tallerman], @[639210493:2048:Laurel Sills], @[698140445:2048:Richard Salter], @[36806690:2048:Jenni Hill], @[604566752:2048:Gary McMahon], @[546267573:2048:Steven Savile], @[733330357:2048:Robert Spalding], and others, all edited by @[613290139:2048:Jonathan Green]... Laurel can't have had hers yet or she would have mentioned it on here... Oh, wait...! O:)

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