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Small Press Expo at Forbidden Planet

Posted by Emma Barnes on

small_press_banner_small_1.jpg.size-230.jpg I am totally going to pinch the gorgeous artwork for the poster heralding this very exciting day we're taking part in. June 30th, Forbidden Planet, Big London, 1-2.30pm. Be there or, well, be not there. I'll be there, blinking and confused under the day star. I've attempted to herd some of our authors to attend as well, and I'll confirm who's coming once I know. There'll be me, for sure, so come along if you fancy a natter. Bring offerings of coffee, though. Black, no sugar, ta. If you're a Snowbooks author reading this thinking hey, what about me, can I come, then a) check your email b) email me, c) yes. Can't wait.

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