"This was an absolutely outstanding book"">
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"This was an absolutely outstanding book"

Posted by emma@bibliocloud.com on

We've just got in a glowing review of Jill Rowan's The Legacy. Read it here, or let me share with you some snippets (click on Read More.) 

The Legacy really is a corker and I promise you'll get a lot out of it. Buy.
"This book is an extremely delightful insight"
"This book was absolutely delightful. I could not stop thinking about the characters during the day when I was away from the book. I could totally see the mill that she had inherited and could picture both scenes from the past and the present in incredibly colourful detail from the way that Jill Rowan described them so brilliantly."
"This was an absolutely outstanding book about the love of a lifetime, true romance and time travel. " 
  The reviewer sums it up as "A time-travelling page-turning wonder."

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