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You are the hero

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I can hardly believe it as I type it, but Snowbooks is the proud publisher of 'You Are The Hero' -- the Fighting Fantasy history written by Jon Green.

It has been a labour of love -- 272 pages, packed with photos, new and vintage illustrations and insight into the books that I loved when I was a child. Terrifyingly and brilliantly it's being launched at its own convention, on 7th September. You should definitely come: [link]. It's terrifying because Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson will be there, amongst other alumni of the Fighting Fantasy movement. What will I say to them? How will I say 'thank you' without looking like a dork? What if they don't like my typesetting? AGGH. Awful, and brilliant, at the same time.

Anyway, you should come, and if you can't come you should buy one of the books (it's in hardback and paperback) and if you can't do that you should at least spare a thought for me on the 7th as I meet my childhood heroes.

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