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City of the Sun

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I'm currently turning several of our older titles into ebooks, which got me thinking about one of our very early books, Sarah Bryant's City of the Sun. It's already available as a Kindle Edition here (or you can get an old-fashioned paper copy from us here). At our recent SnowSummit (= Rob, Emma, and I were all in the same room), we were talking about how the perceived shelf life of books is really only down to the, well, shelf space retailers are willing to give them, which tends to run out after a year or less. It's nice to know that the shelves on the internet don't run out, so we can still say, 'Hey, remember that book from 20xx?' -- and a person can get a copy pretty quickly, even if their nearest bookshop forgot about it years ago.

City of the Sun was one of the first books I had anything to do with when I joined Snowbooks, and I remember thinking it it was so great, at the time. I've been meaning to reread it, as I'm sure I'd still enjoy it. When books like The Hunger Games started gaining popularity, I immediately thought of City of the Sun. Dystopian future, check. Young protagonist, check. A figure of authority who is expecting obedience but is just asking to be undermined by those he's counting on to do his bidding, check. It wasn't the first of its kind, and it definitely wasn't the last, but it's one of my favorites!

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