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First Real Tumblr Post!

Posted by Anna on

Hi!  I’ve been trying to get that ‘connected’ feeling that I’ve found comes with blogging, and the little ol’ Snowblog seems so isolated these days.  But here’s Tumblr, with all its sharing buttons and other users!  I want to get into the habit of posting frequently here, but I also REALLY want to find a ton of other great Tumblr accounts.  Please let me know if you have – or know of – a fun Tumblr that focuses on these sorts of things:

  • SF/Fantasy writing
  • Steampunk writing/art
  • Books!
  • Book reviews (esp. SF/Fantasy)
  • Publishing

I know they’re out there, and I’ve already found several – but there must be a TON more.  I’ll be reblogging stuff I see that makes me laugh or that I think is cool, and I’ll write about our books and whatever’s going on in Snowland at the moment.  Thanks for reading!

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