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Gideon Smith Scavenger Hunt

Posted by Anna on

We’re trying something fun this December: a Gideon Smith scavenger hunt!  Clues will be posted here, on Facebook, and on Twitter, and the scavenger hunt quiz will officially launch on Friday.  Here’s your first Tumblr clue:

The hunt is on: ‘Fanshawe wiped her hands on an oily rag and presented it to Bent, who slobbered a kiss upon it; Maria, who shook it primly; and Gideon, who held on to it and gazed into her eyes. ‘The Belle of the Airways,’ he said again. ‘Miss Fanshawe, it is an honor to meet you.’ She smiled broadly again. ‘A fan. Always nice to meet a good-looking one.’ She glanced around and whispered, ‘Some of the aficionados of Lucian’s stories track me down sometimes, and want signed photographs. Mostly to fetch mettle to, I suspect.’

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