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You Are the Hero

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Say, in case you don't follow us on Facebook or Twitter, it might be worth my mentioning here that people are LOVING You Are the Hero, Jonathan Green's book all about the Fighting Fantasy series. So far, it has twenty five-star reviews on Amazon, and they just keep coming in! Check it out! I'm pretty darn pleased. I mean, we're always thrilled when one of the books we've worked on gets the recognition it deserves, but Emma spent an especially long time getting all the information nicely laid out -- and the author did an awesome job pulling it all together in the first place. So it's really satisfying to know that people appreciate all the effort that went into the book.

The book was launched at Fighting Fantasy Fest 2014, and Emma had quite an exciting day (and quite the stack of books, which I believe went like hotcakes). I love this photo of her at the booth, with all the eager book buyers crowding around. Our love of the sci-fi/fantasy/horror genres grew out of an appreciation for the communities built around them -- and the Fighting Fantasy series has one heck of a community!

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