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A little while back, I sent out a survey to our genre authors, as I was interested in community participation and wondered if there would be any trends we could spot. That answer is basically 'no' -- we had a pretty small sample size, of course. But it was interesting to read the responses, and the answers still gave me a better understanding of how important social media is these days. That's hardly a revelation, right? But back when The Crafter's Companion came out (in 2006), internet communities tended to form either across blogs or on forums. Obviously, I know how pervasive Facebook et al. are these days, but I was still a little surprised to see how much they dominate the way people connect, beyond just family and friends. There are still plenty of genre blogs out there, but forums (at least ones that our authors visit) seem to be thin on the ground.
So Facebook and Twitter are the big guys these days -- and, actually, conventions are tied for the favorite way our authors connect with their community. I love that! Our authors average several face-to-face events each year, and they report that conventions are a really effective method of getting the word out about themselves and their books. There are many different literary festivals out in the world, but it's hard to imagine anything better than a comic-con-style event for putting people in the mood to meet new faces and get excited about a new book.

I (Anna) have been trying to post regularly on Snowbooks' Facebook and Twitter accounts, and it definitely makes me feel more connected to what's going on. We use Facebook mainly for broadcasting news about exciting reviews or events, I'd say. And Twitter seems better suited to interesting (okay, maybe interesting only to me) little thoughts about what's going on. Professor Elemental himself told me that people seem to get the most excited about personal details/comments shared on Twitter. That makes sense to me -- it's a fun way to sort of expose the fluffy inner workings of Snowbooks. (There are a lot of cats involved, hence the fluffiness. I should post more photos of cats on Twitter. Right?) I'd love to hear how other people use social media these days, aside from sharing photos of their babies with relatives. And if you have a book-related Twitter account that we're not already following, please let me know!

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