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This morning, I came across this Bookseller article, which says that e-book readers (er, the people, not the devices) are reading more these days. I can identify with that! I use my iPad for e-books, and the ability to see a book on-line, click, and be reading it ten seconds later is addicting. I haven't been keeping a record, but I don't feel like most of the e-books I buy cost less (or at least significantly less) than their paper counterparts. Maybe that's a non-fiction thing? I tend to buy/read a lot of non-fiction -- how to feed babies and make your cats stop fighting and that sort of thing. (Now if only there were a book that explained how to feed babies WHILE stopping your cats fighting...) Anyway, there are certain types of books I still prefer to hold in my hands (beautiful ones, mainly), but I've really come round on e-books and love them for their convenience.

I find it troubling that the study cited in that article found that '32% of British people surveyed had not bought a book in the past year, with the main reason being that they were not interested in reading'. I mean... not interested in reading? I can believe it, but I definitely don't want to!

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